Jun 022016

Joint Aikikai Council Annual Seminar 2016

To be hosted by the British Aikido Federation on 2nd July 2016

The seminar will take place at Chester dojo

Housesteads Drive,

Hoole Lane,



Commence 12.45pm, each instructor will give a 40 minute class

£20 for the day Booking in from 12pm

British Birankai will be represented by Joe Curran shihan 6th dan 12.45pm
United Kingdom Aikikai will be represented by Phil Smith shihan 6th dan 1.30pm
Dynamic Aikido Noquet will be represented by John Emmerson shidoin 5th dan 2.15pm
British Aikido Federation will be represented by Colman Glynn shidoin 6th dan 3.30pm
Komyokan Aikido Association will be represented by Jeremy Garmson shidoin 5th dan 4.15pm

Please bring proof of insurance and bokken, jo and tanto.

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