Scottish Aikido Federation


Aikido is a Japanese martial art whose origins can be traced back to the 12th century. It is based on an attitude of non-resistance rather than confrontation of strength. An attack is not checked, it is met and guided in a way that causes the assailant to be thrown by the directional force of their own attack.

Aikido is a subtle and graceful martial art which embraces an immense range of techniques that may be employed against all manner of attack, armed or not. Moreover, since the techniques when properly executed require no physical strength, Aikido may be practiced by anyone, regardless of sex or age. Aikido promotes a form of all-round physical exercise that could hardly be surpassed, promoting suppleness, agility, increased co-ordination and speed of reaction. In subjecting our bodies to the precise physical discipline that is Aikido we may eventually influence our minds for the good: creating an inner calm and balance that may be carried into our daily lives.

Last and not least, Aikido offers a versatile and effective method of self defense which may recommend itself to those for whom the more aggressive and competitive martial arts have less appeal.

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