Sep 062020

The JAC Process when considering the wearing of masks in the dojo is below and should be considered with reference to the Government link:-

Note that: when claiming an exemption to wearing a mask for a student or themselves, the Dojo Leaders/Instructors must identify to their JAC member organisation Gen Sec, not the JAC, the following:-

  1. The dojo and instructor concerned
  2. The student who is exempt
  3. Under what basis of the government guidelines they are exempt
  4. That they take full responsibility for that exemption and this is recorded by the dojo leader/instructor and the JAC member organisation.

However, it must be noted that each instructor has ultimate responsibility for the instruction, health and safety, safeguarding and well being of their students whilst in their dojo. This includes decisions made surrounding the wearing of masks, use of sanitiser and other PPE (should it be deemed necessary) whilst practising indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to government guidelines.

For reasons of data protection/GDPR this information is confidential but can be used for track and trace should the dojo discover a student who is COVID-19 positive. If this is so they should alert all participants, who should immediately self isolate, and inform the relevant authorities for further direction.

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