Mar 142020

This is a new virus for humanity and everybody’s immune system has to develop antibodies. Corona virus Symptoms are a cough, temperature and breathing problems but most people seem to just have a mild cold or feel under the weather.

Mortality is 2-4% depending on test, country, how many people are actually being tested.

Apparently, older people, and people with underlying problems (for example: immunosuppression, recent chemotherapy, lung disease etc. are at higher risk, children seem to be ok).

Therefore: anybody with symptoms should not turn up at Joint Aikikai Council member organisation dojos, seminars or events just in case one is infected with corona virus (although risk is low to moderate unless one has just travelled from a high-risk area).

If one has symptoms stay at home, ring the NHS for advice, they will come to the house and test you if they feel it is necessary.

Do not go to the GP or hospital unless you have serious problems and even then, it’s better to ring 111, the GP may arrange direct hospital admission rather than potentially infecting the GP practice.

Sweat does not transmit the virus but the droplets from coughing or saliva do. It is of most importance not to cough or sneeze into the open air, instead cough or sneeze into a paper tissue, dispose of the tissue appropriately and wash your hands immediately for a minimum of 20 seconds.

During practise, seminars or events we should avoid sticking our fingers in our mouths, nose or eyes.

Use sanitizer whenever possible.

Refer to the UK Gov, NHS website for further guidance.

2020-03-16 Update: Government guidelines now suggest that vulnerable people and those over 70 years of age stay at home for extended periods to protect themselves.

2020-03-17 Update: Those that are holding dojos can practise in a contactless way by performing solo ukemi, suwarawaza, taisabaki excesises and weapons. 

Shared weapons should be wiped clean before being passed on.

Sanitizer should be used at the beginning and end of each class.

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