Dec 142020

Dear Joint Aikikai Council members,

2020 has proved the most challenging of years.  The first thing I must say is that our deepest sympathies go to all who have been affected by COVID and our thanks to all NHS staff and all key workers who have worked tirelessly during the course of this pandemic.

Since March we have been unable to train in our wonderful art as we normally would do and I know that this has been the longest I have gone without training for the best part of 48 years and I am sure that you are all missing it as much as I am.  Of course, some of you have found some very innovative ways of training throughout the year with weapons classes (socially distanced, of course!!) and Zoom classes, which has kept us going.

Hopefully, things will get back on an even keel very soon and we will all be able to come together and train with each other again.  It can’t come soon enough.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

Stay safe and look after yourself, your loved ones and each other.

All the very best,

David Yates

JAC Chairman.

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