Available courses


The Joint Aikido Council (JAC) is committed to the education of Aikido teachers within a progressive pathway that supports the development of coaches from JAC Level 1 through to JAC Level 3. 

The JAC Level 1 Coach qualification is the first step along this pathway.

This qualification allows instructors of JAC member organisations to conduct training sessions under the direct supervision of instructors holding Coach Level 2 qualifications or higher. 

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure the suitability of candidates for the JAC Level 1 coaching qualification, the following criteria must be met. The candidate must:

  • Hold full current Membership of a Joint Aikido Council member association
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Hold a minimum grade of 1st Kyu
  • Have a good knowledge of their association's kyu grade syllabus

Online Learning Programme

In addition to studying the material presented here, the Coach Level 1 online learning programme comprises three additional components, all of which must be completed to a minimum standard. They are

  1. Assessment questions (i.e. module  quizzes).
  2. Three written assignments.
  3. A practical assessment.

The practical assessment will require the candidate to deliver a 15-30 minute Aikido class according to a previously prepared lesson plan.

Candidates must study the online course material, complete module online assessment questions and submit the specified assignments two weeks in advance of the practical assessment date. 

A pass score of 100% is required for each of the four module quizzes. You may attempt the Module quizzes up to three times. If after three attempts the pass percentage is not attained, the course requirements will not have been met and the CL1 qualification can not be awarded. In this case the candidate can repeat the online programme after a period of three months.

Course Fee

Course fee £40.00 - payment must be received with application form.

Assignments and online assessments

Assignments and online assessments as identified in the course specification are to be completed and submitted two weeks before the practical assessment day.

  1. Completed portfolio tasks will be assessed by the course tutor and returned during practical assessment day
  2. Any tasks a candidate is unable to complete should be submitted to the Coach Education Administration no later than 6 months after the course application date, otherwise the candidate will need to repeat the course programme.